Welcome to Copperhead support.

Preliminary Checklist

Before reporting a bug or submitting a ticket ensure that your device has been preliminary checked.

Are you

  • Do you have a licence issue? 
  • Not connected to a VPN or Tor?
  • Has this bug happened previously? 
    • Can you reproduce it? (ie: recreate the actions that caused the bug over and over again)
      • If not, it may be fixed with a reboot or by the above actions.
  • Using a data SIM that may interfere with operation? 
    • Try reproducing the bug when using a fully registered voice and data SIM card.
  • Keeping your application(s) updated? 
    • Aurora Store for example doesn't automatically update applications. 
      • Try opening your Google Play replacement and updating the application giving you issues
  • Using a screen protector or case?
  • On a rebrand build (ie: CryptoLock)?

    • Ensure that your wardrobe/policy has installed correctly.

    • Is your wardrobe/policy package the most up-to-date?

Reporting Issues

Before reporting issues with the hardware or software on the device please ensure you've ran through the spec check and submitted a bug if an issue is still found. Software issues will be handled by Copperhead and hardware issues will be dealt with through the Partner you purchased from.  If a bug report is requested, please follow the instructions here.


Issues relating to CopperheadOS specifically should be communicated through your Partner whom will create a support ticket on your behalf. Issues relating to applications and/or networking may not be CopperheadOS related.


Issues with the hardware of the device need to be communicated to the Copperhead Partner you purchased from.