Source: inbound query.

Description: System fails to update


First, check what version of CopperheadOS you are using: 

Open Settings -> About phone -> Build Number 

Look for the date embedded in the build number, for example 2019.11.30 as above, and check that you are not already running the latest release found at   

                            If you have recently checked for updates, and the phone is still behind, you may only need to reboot                 the phone by briefly pressing and holding the Power Button, and then tapping Restart. Re-check About phone                as demonstrated above.

                            If necessary, return to Settings -> System -> Advanced -> System Update Settings and Check for                             Updates again.

              Restarting the phone is a key element in the update process.

Should issues updating persist, proceed with the steps below.

Check that you are connected to the internet:


If you’re updating over Wi-Fi, ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled: Settings -> Network & Internet -> Wi-Fi and toggle on

              If Wi-Fi is on but shows “Not connected”, tap the text to choose your network. You will need your network password.

              If you still cannot connect to your Wi-Fi network, ensure that you have no local networking issues by restarting any routers, switches or modems you are using


              If you are updating over your Mobile Network, ensure that Mobile Data is enabled:  Settings -> Network & Internet -> Mobile network -> Mobile data and toggle on



Check that you are not connecting to a VPN:

              In Settings -> Network & Internet -> Advanced -> VPN should be blank


Check your Permitted networks under System update settings:

              Open Settings -> System -> Advanced -> System update settings -> Permitted networks and set to “Any”


Clear the CopperheadOS Updater settings:

              Open Settings -> Apps & notifications -> See all -> Show System -> CopperheadOS Updater -> Storage -> Clear Storage & Clear Cache