CopperheadOS works with most Android applications.

One of CopperheadOS's core features is the inclusion of a hardened allocator which will throw exceptions when memory corruption errors are caused insecurely developed applications. If an application crashes on CopperheadOS, there is a likelihood that the application would have otherwise compromised a non-CopperheadOS device. When an application crashes on CopperheadOS go through the following steps to ensure that the issue has been dealt with correctly:

Try to fix the application on the device

Most applications can be fixed by removing the application data or setting permissions.

  • Clear app settings: Settings -> Apps -> Storage -> (application) -> Clear Storage/Cache
  • Align application permissions: Settings -> Apps -> Permissions ->

If the application is not fixed by then, it is possible you have found a bug.

Note there is a likelihood that we will not be able to support an application if it does not conform to certain security standards. CopperheadOS's strength is in it's ability to defend from malware and exploits, not from granting access to an unlimited number of applications.